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Everyone! This group will be holding a crochet giveaway once we get to 3,000 members. 3 members will be awarded! Go join! 

We have group activities (like simple crochet-alongs) in there, a great community, NO DRAMA, and we love seeing each other’s projects! Come join us!!

Free Bow Crochet Pattern (some sewing needed)

Free Bunny Crochet Pattern

If anyone is interested in joining a crochet group on Facebook, I urge you to try this one out! No drama in there and I think we’re gonna start some group activities sometime this week. 

Free Moccasin Crochet Pattern

Free Chunky Crocheted Basket Pattern


Beautiful Flower! It’s in Russian but she has video tutorials on how to make it!


Riptide Slouch Hat -  This hat is sized for adults but can easily be altered. Using worsted weight yarn and 5mm / H and a 6mm / I hook. Works up quick and looks great, lots of texture!


I picked a couple of the most unphotogenic colors for this square. The center of the feather is a really dark purple and the border is dark green, neither of which ever look in pictures the way they do in person.  Also I think this is the smallest square I’ve made so far.

Pattern here.